Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some answer to sumatha questions ye been asking! Take heed, peasant, the knowledge below could save ya from the uneeded pain and agony of spilling yer beer:

What is inside the tankard? What keeps it from leaking?

-The inside of the tankard is coated with natural beeswax. It’s 100% safe and seals the wood and prevents it from drying out.


Can I put coffee in my mug?

-Hot liquids don’t belong in it! Beer only! Preferably Guinness, but to each their own. Point is, don’t go putting no piping hot liquid that’ll melt the wax!

What happens if my tankard leaks?

 -If your tankard ever happens to spring a leak, here is what you have to do to fix it yourself: purchase a beeswax product, melt it down into liquid form, and pour it into your tankard. Allow it to fill in the cracks and dry for approximately 20 minutes. After that, using a soft cloth, wipe away the excess and HUZZAH! Good as new!


Does the wax coating wear out?

-Over time, your wax coating will begin to wear. Keep a sharp eye on that, because nobody likes spilled beer!

How long do I have to wait to get my tankard?

– Blah Blah Blah! Ye get it when ye get it! Stop your cryin! But we’ll try to be getting it out to ya within two-four weeks of orderin it. They’re hand made, ya stingy sod! So cool yer britches!

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